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Winter 2021 Newsletter

This time of year is called the "Season of Lights." That expression seems odd considering winter days have less light and more night.

For landscape artists it's all about the light, sunlight in particular, and winter presents a challenge. A shorter day means less time to paint outside. And although the days are shorter, the "Golden Hour" (the best time to paint) is more like the "Golden Hours" because the sun's path arcs closer to the horizon which presents a more colorful landscape.

Winter is great for taking out our sun-lit summer sketches and attempting more ambitious paintings. It's a time to work bigger and finish a few things that have been laying around the studio.

May this holiday season shine brightly in your heart and light your path throughout the upcoming New Year.

Click here to read the rest of my latest newsletter and see what's new with me and my work.

Happy Holidays!


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