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Summer 2023 Newsletter

August in Maine

"I’d spend August in Rockport, Maine. One day I’d give to the annual antique show, one day to a sail on a schooner, and one day to the Shakespeare play up the road at Camden. The other twenty-eight days of August, I’d sit still, contemplating the perfect harbor of Rockport, Maine."

- Charles Kuralt, the television journalist who was known for his popular series On the Road

Me, I'd spend all of August in DownEast, Maine. I'd paint every day and eat as many lobsters as humanly possible from a seaside shack, seated at a picnic table, nestled in a quiet cove. It wouldn't get much better than that! That's my perfect August, what's yours?

Click here to read the rest of my latest newsletter and see what's new with me and my work.

I hope you enjoy what's left of summer!

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