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Collecting Art

Have you ever fallen in love with a landscape, a vista, or a place revisited in a dream for no reason at all?

At times, our best choices are intuitive. Collecting art is a mystery to most people; the process appeals to us on an emotional level. If you are considering acquiring art, it is always a good idea to purchase something you love. 

A work of art that speaks to your sensibility can be compared to a rare book – something you will enjoy for years to come. Your interpretation adds to the life of the work, and lends it voice. When you buy a work of art, you participate in history. 

An original painting hanging on a wall distinguishes an environment, plus it is a great conversation piece. The imagery may remind you of a special place you once visited or enjoyed. A framed, ready-to-hang, original picture makes a great gift to mark a special occasion like a wedding, new adventure, or anniversary. Of course, buying art helps support an artist’s career.

Aren't Watercolors Too Fragile to Collect?

The Green Mixing Pallette.jpg

A common misconception about watercolors is that they are delicate. Collectors are discouraged because they mistakenly believe their investment will fade and disappear over time. But consider this, artists have been using watercolors for thousands of years and many examples of their work still exist today. Cave paintings, as well as ancient Egyptian paintings on papyrus and on the walls of the pyramids were all created using watercolor. Oil paintings crack, peel and accumulate dirt over time, but a properly matted, framed and displayed watercolor will last for centuries.

Joel Popadics' Watercolors

Joel Popadics uses only the finest materials possible in the creation and presentation of his watercolors. His paints are permanent, lightfast and made from the most expensive mineral pigments, which hold their intensity of color over very long periods of time. The grounds (or surfaces) for his artwork are handmade, 100% cotton “rag” fiber paper. Cotton paper holds its strength permanently, and it will not deteriorate or discolor with age.  

To ensure that his artwork is preserved for many generations to come, all of his paintings are mounted on archival quality foam board and hinged with a neutral pH and acid free paper tape adhesive. Mr. Popadics presents his paintings using 100% cotton mat board for the long- term preservation and presentation of his creations. These 8-ply and 4-ply boards are used exclusively for conservation framing and greatly enhance the look of his watercolors. 

To protect your purchase from sun exposure, we recommend using UV Plexi-glass which filters out 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays. If you wish to eliminate reflections and glare on your painting, a Non-Glare Plexi-glass is also recommended. Please specify if you have a preference. 

It's Easy to Acquire an Original Popadics Watercolor

Paintings are framed, matted and ready to be displayed. 
All purchases include a 21-day, money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not satisfied, return the painting and your purchase will be fully refunded (less shipping).

Contact Joel Popadics directly to obtain an original watercolor.


(973) 851-0366

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